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Medical Massage & Wellness Therapies

Medical Massage

Medical Massage 

These services are to target specific injuries and problems areas.  These are NOT full body sessions. 
Medical Massage is typically used to treat issues associated with; car accidents, work related injuries, accidents both new and old, trauma, post surgical, scaring, sports injuries, slept the wrong way, turned the wrong way, etc. 

These sessions include the use of topical treatments at no extra charge. These sessions also include the use of hydrotherapy treatments such as heat and cryotherapy (ice) depending on your specific needs at no additional cost. It's always included.

If this is your first time you will need to book a "New Client Medical Massage" appointment. 

15 minutes   $25​.00

30 minutes   $50.00

60 minutes   $100.00

New Client Medical Massage                                                                                       
During your first visit we will conduct an in-depth intake, go over your history, learn about your lifestyle, and learn about you.  This is where gather all the necessary info on how you were injured. Then we will be assessing the specifics of what's going on with YOU. No two people or injuries are the same. We will be looking at how you sit, how you stand, how you walk, how you move or don't. We will assess the muscles and structures involved. Then together we will set up your specific treatment plan. This includes not only what we will be doing in the office, but things you can do at home to speed your recovery and get you back to normal. 

90 minutes $150.00


Notice,  As of January 1st, 2023 we are required by HB-8, to include 6% sales tax on Services and Gift Certificate purchases.  With the exclusion of Medical Massage provided a prescription or order on file from your DR, PCP, Chiropractor, etc. 

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