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Kentucky Healing Arts

Honest & Funny Valentine's Advertisement

While I can't promise you that, “You'll get laid or see some action”.
A Valentines Massage Gift Card, will GREATLY improve your odds!


Fellas unlike you, I can deliver a Deluxe Full Body Massage.  WITHOUT getting distracted by the beauty of the amazing female laying on my treatment table. 

Deluxe meaning*

  • My Treatment table is heated,

  • I have a wide array of essential oils,

  • I include hot stones in all of my sessions. 

  • Most importantly I am licensed Massage Therapist.

I’ll be honest I want your business. 

I can also honestly tell you, that no matter how good of a massage a man thinks he’s giving. Your GirI, knows exactly what’s on your mind.  “My man gives a good massage, but it always leads to other things and I really need to relax.  Or “Last time I asked Him for a back rub, I got pregnant instead. “ It’s no secret, Stress, Tension, and Pain are the enemies of intimacy.

Let me help you, improve your odds!  

Our current Sweetheart's Day Promotion. Use the code V23 to receive $50 off any $150 Gift Certificate! This means you get a 90- minute session for the cost of a 60-minute session. As always, the heated table, aromatherapy, and hot stones are included at no extra cost. Purchase one for your Sweetheart or treat yourself. 
Hurry this offer ends 02/16/2023!

Purchase now and add the code V23

Notice,  As of January 1st, 2023 we are required by HB-8, to include 6% sales tax on Services and Gift Certificate purchases.  With the exclusion of Medical Massage provided a prescription or order on file from your DR, PCP, Chiropractor, etc. 

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