Private Contracting
CRNA(s) or HHA(s)

Rate of Pay is $13.00 per hour. 

sample of hours needing covered

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Job Description


AM hours
Patient Transfers- Assisting with getting patient cleaned up, dressed, denture care, hearing aid equipped, glassed on, out of bed and into wheel chair. Patient will need a shower 2 days per week.
Assisting with breakfast and transferred from wheel chair into recliner. 

PM hours

Patient Transfers- Assisting with getting patient from recliner to restroom, assistance with using the restroom.  Getting patient ready for bed, and transferring to bed. 

Additional tasks may include assisting with patients bedding, taking patient on walks, and playing cards.

Note a hoyer lift & sling have been order to make transfers easier. 



Mrs Lola a.k.a Grandma & GG. Lola is 96 years old, approximately 5'5 and 140lbs.  I feel this information is relevant given the need for patient transfers. 

Lola is widowed and lives with her daughter who needs assistance in providing care for Lola.  For the most part Lola is pleasant, soft spoken, and easy to work with. Like most women, there are times when she can be a little sassy.  However those are very few and far between.

Lola broke her hip at the end of 2019 and was unable to complete her physical therapy due to the Covid-19 mandates. This unfortunately left her in a wheel chair.  She recently broke her humerus which has made transferring her a little more difficult.

Despite her age Lola is recovering nicely and has the long term goal of regaining mobility with the use of a walker. 



Meet the Patient

Job Requirements


Licensed/Certified applicants only

Must have experience with patient transfers and working with seniors. 

Employment references, personal references, and background check required. 

Please submit resume to

Equal opportunity employer