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Rachael Schell LMT

1610 Cumberland Falls HWY Suite F, Corbin, KY 40701

State Licensed & Nationally Board Certified

Theraputic Massage & Bodywork

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About Us

     We take a natural and holistic approach to health care by taking the time to listen.  Our goal is to see you as a person and treat you as an individual.

     We understand that wellness encompasses your life as a whole. Each person has very unique and specific needs.  Every client receives an in-depth consultation prior to any treatment.  This helps us to get to know you, our Client.  This is what makes Kentucky Healing Arts different.  

     While it may be common practice at other facilities to rush you in and out the door.  We operate differently.  Others may not care or want to hear about your prior accidents, traumas, the stresses you face, and the demands in your life....... BUT WE  DO!  Because all of this information is needed to assess your needs and provide you the best treatment possible.

     Other places may offer Massage for less, but they do not offer the same care and treatment we are dedicated to providing our Clients.  We refuse to give one size fits all, cookie cutter massage. You deserve better and we are here to meet your needs. 

Client Education

In addition to providing the best in care, we are also dedicated to educating our Clients.  Our goal is to always work WITH you. We want to make sure you understand what's going on with your body, your current condition, and any other treatment options that may be may be helpful.  While you will most certainly feel better following your treatment, we want to make sure you continue to feel better once you are home or when you return to work.  The only way to achieve this is to educate our Clients.

My practice accepts insurance for massage clients. In order to best serve you I can verify your insurance benefits before you arrive. Please click on the link below and complete the online form. I will contact you as soon as the benefits are established.

Attention our office has moved! We have relocated our office to 1610 Cumberland Falls HWY Suite F, Corbin KY 40701

We are located in the First Credit Plaza off of the Falls Hwy.

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