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Medical Massage & Wellness Therapies

Kentucky Healing Arts

Back Massage

Reducing Pain, Relieving Stress, Restoring Function

Announcement, Our office has relocated to 
208 S Poplar Ave, Corbin, KY 40701.



Rachael Schell LMT

At Kentucky Healing Arts we offer a different experience. Our practice is focused on positive patient outcomes. 


Every massage is a "Deluxe Massage" we don't offer "add-on's" because we include them in our sessions.  We give you the best we have to offer with every visit. 


The heated table, the hot stones, and the aromatherapy are included.


I was given a gift certificate for a one hour massage and to be honest, expecting it to go the same way as every other massage I had ever had.  I schedule and go in for my first appointment, arriving early as usual.  Rachael was preparing the room and asked why I was there to see her.  I went into the dialog that I had shared with my family doctor, specialists, orthopedic surgeon and other massage therapists I had seen over the past eight plus years.  Rachael looked up turned her head sideways and asked “what did they say about your chest?”.

I first though it was an odd question because the pain was in my shoulder blade, neck and left arm but never in my chest, maybe she didn’t understand.  She measured from the center of my chest to my right and left side and there were over two inches difference.  She warned me after she started working, that it may not be like other work I had done and she would focus on my chest.  She apologized halfway through when she hadn’t touched my back.  The last ten to fifteen minutes of my visit she worked on my back and neck. 

I felt good but I really wanted my neck and shoulder blade worked the whole hour because that’s what everyone else does. I went about my day and a few days later I was moving some heavy items around the house and noticed my shoulder was starting to have pain.  That’s when I realized that it was the first day (three days actually) that I had not had pain in over eight years.  Since the first visit I have had similar things happen with muscle problems in my legs and back that have been life changing.

I grew up on a farm, worked in factory and physical work my whole life and had years of issues that doctors over looked and chalked it up to repetitive use. Other therapists in my area were good at what they do and are great people but this was the first time I ever felt heard as a patient.  The word Healing isn’t in the name of her business by accident.                                                                                                                 -Client of 10 years

Notice,  As of January 1st, 2023 we are required by HB-8, to include 6% sales tax on Services and Gift Certificate purchases.  With the exclusion of Medical Massage provided a prescription or order on file from your DR, PCP, Chiropractor, etc. 

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